With the Lakers slotted 7th in the NBA Draft, what’s the next step?

The wait is over: the massive rebuilding project of the Los Angeles Lakers has officially begun, my friends. After the worst season in LA history, the team is poised to make their first lottery selection in almost ten years, with the knowledge that this player could affect the fortunes of the franchise for the next decade.
Or will he?
The Draft order is set. What’s next for the LA front office?
Keeping the pick
The Lakers are going to pick seventh in the 2014 NBA Draft, dropping one spot below where their record slotted them at the end of the regular season. While the team had little over a 20% chance of getting in the top-3 selections, they also had an over 30% chance of slipping one spot. Aside from the incremental shots that they could have dropped to eighth or ninth in the Draft, this is the worst case scenario for the Lakers-if they’re not there already. Just for quick reference, here’s how the top-10 shook out:
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