Who’s ya Daddy, Floyd

One of the earliest memories I have from my childhood took place during a normal East Coast winter. I was riding in a sled with my little brother down the relatively steep slope of my backyard. Obviously, sledding is the tits, but the experience was truly fun because of the man who was pulling the sled down. That dude was my dad.
Everyone who grew up with well-balanced parents knows that it’s not just about putting a roof over one’s head or food on the table. It’s more about cheering the children on at athletic events, bonding during super long road trips, and most importantly, teaching life lessons that could never be learned in a classroom.
Last night, Floyd Mayweather extended his undefeated streak with a knockout win over Victor Ortiz. If you haven’t witnessed the mayhem, I’ll try to be succinct. Ortiz landed a headbutt in the midst of his first successful flurry of punches against Mayweather. During the delay in which the referee was required to deduct a point from Ortiz, Ortiz profusely apologized to Floyd for his actions. As he was doing so, Floyd landed two consecutive blows to Ortiz’s face. The referee, who had seemingly lost control of the situation, stopped the fight and Floyd raised his arms in celebration of his 42nd victory.
I’m certainly not the only one who had to shower after Floyd’s dirt came through my television and stained my clothes. Google “Mayweather” and one of the suggestion options will finish with the phrase “cheap shot.” However, multiple reports have stressed that the referee did in fact call time in. Even more people blame Ortiz for being too apologetic, declaring that “the first rule of boxing is to always put your hands up.” Regardless of what really happened, this fight will taint Floyd Mayweather’s legacy forever. A real champion acts with class. Not only does a real champion win the right way, but a real champion wants to win the right way.
Let’s backtrack to the weeks leading up to the fight, when Floyd had yet another public outburst with his father. Looking straight into the camera with an undeniably outstanding poker face, Floyd remarked, “I don’t need my father.”
How fitting. With that one statement, Floyd told the world that he really does need his father. A good father would never have let this happen.

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