The inevitability of another cursed season

I’ve been angry, Silver Screen & Rollers. Very, very angry.
We’re watching one of the worst seasons possibly in the history of the Lakers franchise. One of the team’s–and the league’s–greatest players ever is on the shelf and soon facing the very real end of his career. Another all-time great, respected Lakers competitor and now starting point guard (well, according to his checks, anyway), isn’t just at his twilight–this may very well be the end. The team has been an absolutely horrible, injury-riddled mess, tumbling down the hill from 2012-2013 preseason title contenders to 2013-2014 lottery-bound losers.
Again, I am displeased. Very, very displeased.
Part of it is just how putrid the team has been on the court. It might very well be by design, but regardless of how much of a “plan for the future” type of team this is, a particularly terrible defense is unbearable to witness on a day to day basis. Friday’s bombardment at the hands of the Clippers was just the latest in unwatchable blowouts to old foes that the Lakers used to own.
But part of my discontented disposition is the fact that some people didn’t think it could be this way this year. Here is a summary of some of the thoughts I heard from around the internet, the Twitters, my e-mail inbox and in every day conversation:
“The Lakers couldn’t possibly be as unlucky as they were last year!”
“There is no way the Lakers will be as banged up as they were last season with Dwight, Kobe and Nash. It’s just not possible that the team could face a wave like that again.”
“With a little more luck, this team could be better than most people think.”
Well, here we are, nearly halfway through the season and lo and behold: different season, same disappointment.
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