NFL Week 3 Picks….with help from Grandpa. Really.

Last week I went 2-4-1, bringing the season total to 3-6-1. No worries though. I hate my top two locks last week (that should count as a bonus pick) and this week I got my grandfather to help me make the picks. I needed to pick more games though as a result of being in the hole. Some call it a horrible financial decision. I call it doubling down.

So I talked to my grandfather last night. He is a more cold-blooded gambler than anyone I have ever known. He will routinely bet against the home team with the home lines because he knows that they’re are jacked up locally for people that pay to support the home team. At ninety years old, he’s still getting after it. Here’s the outlook.

Chicago Bears (-7 ½) over St. Louis Rams: The Bears are at home and Jay Cutler is the greatest villain in football right now. Gramps says the Rams are “too inconsistent” though, AND Steven Jackson is out.

Dallas Cowboys (-7) over Tampa Bay Rays: Predictably, the Cowboys had a let down in Seattle, but they are finally home after going from one side of the country to the other to start. It could have been worse than a 1-1 start. The Bucs looked good on the road last week, but they will have the same difficulty that them Cowboys had last week on the second end of the back to back road games. Gramps: “Dallas was disappointing last week, but they should be ready.”

San Francisco 49ers (-7) over Minnesota Vikings: As Gramps put it, “San Francisco is good.” I’d say they have a case as the best team in the league as of now.

Tennessee Titans (+3) over Detroit Lions: “You never know when that quarterback is going to show up for Detroit.”

Washington Redskins (-3 ½) over Cincinnati Bengals: “I like Washington.” I ask Gramps if he likes Washington’s quarterback, but he doesn’t know who he is.  This makes me think that this has the lock of the week label next to it. Gramps is so good he probably does better not knowing who the QB is.

Miami Dolphins (+3) over New York Jets: “They’re playing in Miami right?” Yep.

New Orleans Saints (-9) over Kansas City Chiefs: I think that New Orleans might win by 100. Gramps isn’t as optimistic but thinks that “Brees will be angry.”

Cleveland Browns (+3) over Buffalo Bills: “Cleveland comes up with a win once in a while.” Gramps is right. They are 0-2 now and have a home game this week against a team that is looked awful and then awfully impressive. There’s just too many variables, but at the end of the day Cleveland isn’t bad enough to go 0-16.

Indianapolis Colts (-3) over Jacksonville Jaguars: “I don’t know if the quarterback at Indianapolis is any good.” I tell Gramps that Blaine Gabbert is the Jags quarterback. “How do you spell that?” We then see that Gabbert isn’t playing on the bottom line. And Gramps takes the Colts.

Philadelphia Eagles (-4) over Arizona Cardinals: “I like that quarterback. He can run the ball. He can throw the ball.” Gramps doesn’t mention anything about dogs. I think that’s honorable.

Hotlanta Falcons (+3) over San Diego Chargers: Struggling to find the name of the team, Gramps says “I’ll take that team from Georgia.” Has there been a quarterback that has looked better than Matt Ryan so far this season?

Denver Broncos (+2) over Houston Texans: “I think what do you call it’s gonna win. Denver’s hot and cold. They’re gonna probably have a hot day Sunday. Hot day playing football.” Scratch that line about Washington being the lock of the week. This old school analysis of the Denver-Houston game makes me think the mortgage can be dropped on Peyton and the Broncos.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-5) over Oakland Raiders: I didn’t even need to ask Grampie about why here. You have two of the dominant teams of your parents teenage years. One team has continued to be dominant since then and the other drafted Jamarcus Russell.

Baltimore Ravens (-3) over New England Patriots: As usual Gramps goes against the home team. “I think Baltimore is gonna be angry after the game last year.”

Green Bay Packers (-3½ ) over Seattle Seahawks: “Green Bay has a good team.” And twelve days to prepare for this game. 

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