MAMBINO’s Pro Bowl Selections

It happens when Mike Antoni is prompted to talk about defense. It happens when an Asian student has to explain a B+ to the parental droids. It happens when you have to explain a mischievous deed to a significant other.

Rambling run-on sentences.
When you don’t know what you’re talking about or when anything you say won’t be believed, you may fall victim to over-talking and fail to use punctuation regarding tone and speed. I am certainly above such pedestrian nonsense, but rather than risk it, I present to you, the MAMBINO Pro Bowl rosters defined by best Youtube video.
Special thanks to my committee: Pucklius, who has staved off NHL Lockout-induced suicide for yet another day, and TuckRule, who is probably playing Madden to find a new NFL team to root for.

Players picked by Mambino but not chosen by the fans or the NFL are highlighted in bold.
Tom Brady’s wife, Peyton Manning’s neck nerves, Andrew Luck
Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, The third version of Robert Griffin
Some people forget that she’s first ballot:
Running Backs:
Arian Foster, Jamaal Charles, Ray Rice
Adrian Peterson’s drive, Marshawn Lynch, Doug Martin

If you ever need motivation for ANYTHING:
Wide Receivers:
A.J. Green, Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Andre Johnson
Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant, Vincent Jackson
This went from “subtle” to “awesome” rather quickly:
Tight Ends:
Heath Miller, Rob Gronkowski
Tony Gonzalez, Jason Witten
Really hate that I’m posting videos related to THREE New England Patriots, but Gronk is just so damn likeable:
Check back in about 3 months when I refuse to do a traditional NFL Mock Draft.

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