Knicks-Celtics thoughts going into Game 5

KOBEsh: In the midst of OT during Game 4, you texted me “We’ve had one good game all series. The Celtics are that terrible.” What in particular has been so awful about YOUR…New York Knickerbockers? And do you think this has any bearing on how far they can go in the playoffs?
BockerKnocker: For four straight games, the Knicks have depended too much on Carmelo Anthony. There is blame to be shared all around. Anthony demands the ball on every play, his teammates give in, and head coach Mike Woodson doesn’t do anything to stop it. It becomes much easier to defend a scoring machine when help defenders are focused on one player.
The Celtics are willing to let the other Knicks beat them, which is par for the course, but the problem with going through Melo on every play is that the guy gets fatigued relatively early. The PnRs with Raymond Felton and Tyson Chandler have been rare; those plays enabled Melo to basically rest by spotting up from 3, where he shot a career high this season.
Why doesn’t Novak play with Carmelo? Most of the Discount Double Check minutes occur when Melo takes his early 2nd and 4th quarter rest. Novak’s help defender can never stray too far, while Felton and Kidd’s men will always take that risk.
This of course will impact how far they go. But let’s not put the Bockers in the 2nd round just yet.

KOBEsh: What about the Celtics would you say has been most shockingly terrible? Obviously the Knicks are playing below par, but what has made Boston even worse?

Also, J.R. Smith had a hilarious interview yesterday in which he said the series would have ended in a sweep had he played Game 4. You agree?

BockerKnocker: To be honest, nothing about Boston has been “shockingly” terrible. They’re a terrible team with no depth. Jordan Crawford, Terrence Williams, and Chris Wilcox belong on a playoff roster…in a Zogsports league. So naturally my heart skips a beat when any of them sub-in.

That’s not to say that the Knicks couldn’t lose this series. This is, after all, a team that features a guy who had Trina’s lips tatted on his neck and a guy who asks high school girls if they “trynna get the pipe”.

Speaking of which, who cares if the Bockers would have swept if Earl Smith played? The more important thing is that I would have 5 minutes of my life back that I wasted having to watch QUENTIN FREAKING RICHARDSON get playoff burn.

KOBEsh: It’s all out there–what happens tonight in Game 5?

BockerKnocker: Paul Pierce is due for one of those “I’m gonna cry every time I drive to the rack so I can get the whistle” games. Surprisingly it hasn’t happened all series, even in Boston. So that’s troubling.

The Celtics won’t go quietly. They have the momentum and irrational swagger to make me sweat some bullets early. But I think JR is determined to go off and back up his claims. Bottom line: New York played one of its worst games all season in Game 4, and they were still about 90 seconds from bringing out the brooms. I predicted Knicks in 7, assuming Game 3 was an automatic loss in Boston’s first home game after the marathon. But we pulled it out, and I never said the Celtics would win at Madison Square Garden. GO NY GO NY GO!

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