J.R. Smith and the emotional anguish of the New York Knicks fan base

(Editor’s Note: Below is a full fledged breakdown from my man BockerKnocker, professed in a mid-day e-mail. I would like to stress that this wasn’t designed to be a post. This was merely a Knicks fan crying out for a better basketball world.)
When the companies in which I invest make poor decisions, I take my money out and put it elsewhere. When retail brands offer reduced quality in their products or services, I run to its competitors, almost as a form of punishment. And when girls start to realize that I’m not “the one,” I get out and move on. (This last one is only half true, but I attribute it 100% to emotional, and thus, irrational human error.) So why do I feel like I have to stick with the #sameoldKnicks every time James Dolan and the powers-that-be make a stupid decision?
J.R. Smith played this organization like a fiddle, delaying his knee surgery until after we rewarded his playoff free fall with a huge multi-year contract. So naturally, our response was to reward him further by rostering his D-League quality younger brother at the expense of a necessary extra big man. Did we not consider the fact that our bigs include the declining Tyson Chandler, the injury prone Amar’e Stoudemire and Kenyon Martin, and the inept Andrea Bargnani?
Does Dolan think J.R.’s face is handsome, so much so that he can now get to see it twice by way of Chris’ exquisite new backpiece tattoo? Why is this happening?
Why can’t I drop the Knicks just like anything else? Am I scared of facing the torment of New York’s “true fans?” Why do true fans even exist? How many people reallocated their personal funds when our country’s credit rating was downgraded or when the market crashed? How many people voted for “Hope” and “Change” in the past two presidential elections because their needs weren’t being met? Isn’t being a “true fan” of America, i.e. an “American,” mean that we get to pick and choose our desires as we please?
I can’t take it anymore. I want to cheer for a well-run organization whose failures are only attributable to the risk and luck that is appropriate. Being involved in sexual harassment lawsuits, employing people that have ruined, nay, DECIMATED, the quality of the company’s product, and having the stubbornness to make me feel like this will all happen again, is not the profile of an organization that I want to support. I want to be a Spurs fan, damnit, but I can’t.
This is emotional torture.


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