Instant Trade Analysis: Deron Williams to the NJ Nets

NJN Gets: Deron Williams

Utah Gets: Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, NJN 2011 first rounder (non-lottery protected), GS 2011 first rounder (partially protected) and cash considerations

Much like the Knicks deal for Carmelo Anthony, you have to look at this deal in ths light: will the guys that NJ gave up ever be as good as Deron Williams be right now? In other words, will four unknown assets ever be as good as the known asset?

Unfortunately for this trade, it’s all complicated by Deron’s contract situation. Unlike Melo, Williams has not signed a contract extension. So, if he wants to walk, he can opt out of $17 million in 2012. In essence, everything that the Nets gave up could be for nothing in 2012.

The Nets had to do this trade. Their best player was Devin Harris, who has most likely hit his ceiling. The second best player on the team was probably Brook “The Punisher” Lopez, who rebounds less than Landry “The Punisher” Fields – a guard. The third best player on this team is questionably Jordan Farmar (who also questionably has the worst tattoos on the team, though Devin Harris is giving him a strong run) or Kris Humphries – which, in either case, is a really really bad situation. They are planning a move to Brooklyn after next season, and they certainly weren’t gonna sell tickets with Travis Outlaw not hitting threes, Derrick Favors maybe being productive and Quinton Ross somehow still having a job in this league.

Deron Williams is the best point in the league. I think he would have more of an impact on the Knicks than Carmelo will have, had he gone there instead. That all being said, this trade is only a win if they can convince him to stay. If Prokorhov works his Russian magic (which probably involves a cattle prod, Deron’s family, sunny D and vodka…..lots of vodka) and Deron stays, then the Nets win this deal, hands down. He took a Utah team with Memhet Okur and Carlos Boozer to the Western Conference Finals. What says he couldn’t do that with Lopez and another free agent (maybe David West?).

As for the guys he gave up, Devin Harris is who he is – a good scoring guard with some passing ability. The pick they gave up will be in the top-10, which would normally be a bad thing, but might not hurt them as much as it could considering this should be a terrible draft. The consideration that really could end up hurting the Nets is Derrick Favors, who could be an all-star PF in three seasons.

Overall, I love this trade for the Nets. They had to do it.

As a sidenote, tickets for the Suns/Nets game on Monday were $2 yesterday and after a 250% markup…are now $5. I love the Nets.

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