Donald Sterling and the hypocrisy of the Clippers fan base

Lakers fans howl at team owner and VP of Player Personnel Jim Buss. Some people say he’s not qualified to run the team in any capacity, let alone making basketball decisions on behalf of the greatest franchise in the league. Other say that he simply needs to maintain a spot as a silent owner, as he’s nowhere near the man his father was. Most people would say that he’s just an out-and-out idiot that they want nowhere near the Lakers. While I might not necessarily agree with all those opinions, it’s a hot topic of debate within the fanbase. Some people really despise Jim Buss. They think that his decisions, basketball-wise, are driving their beloved franchise into the ground. That’s definitely a conversation worth having. Sometimes, even a highly contentious one.
But the conversation between Lakers fans have everything to do with basketball and nothing to do with what kind of man Jimmy Buss is. Whether you think he’s incompetent or an unfair beneficiary of nepotism, that’s where the debate ends. No one is discussing whether or not Jim Buss is a good person.
Clippers fans–what kind of conversations are you having this week?
By now, even the most casual of basketball fans know the story: an alleged recording of Clippers owner Donald Sterling spewing racist remarks to a girlfriend has gone public. Nearly everyone associated with the league has made a public comment about this one way or another, as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Commissioner Adam Silver and everyone down the line has decried the alleged comments. Hell, even President Obama weighed in. From Malaysia.
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