Disassembling the myth of the 2014 NBA free agent class

In just a few days’ time, Dwight Howard could leave the Los Angeles Lakers. The Houston Rockets have been reported as the center’s top suitor, with LA and the Dallas Mavericks in the mix and the Atlanta Hawks bringing up the rear. It’s a sobering reality to think of a star player leaving the bright lights of Southern California for Dallas, Houston or Atlanta, but Howard is bringing a strange new world to one of the most celebrated franchises in all of sports.
As I scan the pulse of Lakers fans everywhere, I’ve noticed a discernible notion that letting Dwight Howard walk is not the worst scenario possible. Some have mentioned that he’s not worth the years or money, while others simply don’t want to build around a player who has such a flair for problematic drama. Another group feels that his prime has come and gone, and his health issues from last season weren’t just a one year malady.
There is one more sector of Lakers fans that believe it’s okay if Dwight leaves because the reinforcements are on the way in just 12 months’ time. Regardless of Howard’s status with the team, there will be long-term solutions available.
They are wrong.
The vaunted 2014 free agent class is a myth. It doesn’t exist. The highlight of the 2014 free agency class starts and ends with LeBron James, who can potentially terminate his contract with the Miami Heat and become an unrestricted free agent next July. At that point, he’ll be able to sign with any team he wishes with the requisite cap room, which as of today, includes the Los Angeles Lakers.
Beyond James? There isn’t much there. Let’s break down the list as it stands today:
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