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Tyrus Thomas

Bad NBA Contract of the Week: Tyrus Thomas

(In the vein of the highly esteemed David Shoemaker, AKA The Masked Man’s Deadspin column entitled “Dead Wrestler of the Week”, we here at MAMBINO are going to parse our way through the worst contracts the NBA has to offer. Part dedication to the great men who have swindled their way to big checks, part commemoration to GMs that should have been fired and part commentary on the ills of a capitalist society gone wrong, we’ll be here every week with a look at the L’s worst deals)
Tyrus Thomas
Contract: 5 years, $40 million
Signed by:
Charlotte Bobcats
Salary this season: $8 million
2013 Slash Line: 4.8/2.8/0.7 in 18 games
Expires: 2015
You ever had your ass kicked by your dad? Not you know, getting bent over his knee and spanked as a kid. I mean straight up, full-on, gotten beat down by your father?
Probably not. You’re reading a yuppie sports blog about NBA contracts. Of course you haven’t.
But if you had ever faced a horrible situation like that, you’ll know what it’s like to be Tyrus Thomas, our newest nominee (and winner!) for Bad NBA Contract of the Week. Well, not entirely. The guy is making $8 million dollars this year. You’d only kind of know what it’s like.
At the end of the Charlotte Bobcats ill-fated 2011-2012 campaign where they set the record for the worst winning percentage in NBA history, 68 year-old head coach Paul Silas had endured the worst possible situation in his profession. The ‘Cats were an embarrassment for the league and its fans, much less the man leading the team. Silas had seen some staggering losses and losing streaks (plural) extending into 20+ games. Charlotte was severely lacking in talent and for the most part, young players with upside. That is, except for Tyrus Thomas.… Read more...