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TheRawLibrarian’s Monday Night Raw Review: All AJ, All the Time

Location: Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Announcers: Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler

RAW starts off with a beautiful soliloquy from AJ Lee. It was assumed that she was having a conversation with all three men in her twisted love quadrangle, but when the camera pulled back, it revealed she was just talking to a mirror. @BKMambino’s suggestion of a cardboard cut out of each would have been way funnier. Imagine AJ Lee having a conversation with a CM Punk Fathead

And in stark contrast to AJ Lee……”EXCUSE MEEEE!” Out comes Vicky Guerrero. The heat that woman gets is amazing, as the crowd booed her ENTIRE speech. She announces a triple threat match to start off the show. This is still RAW right? When I saw on Twitter that John Cena had a “major announcement” to make, I resigned myself to sitting through a fifteen minute goofy Cena promo (…which, no worries, we still got one later on). 

Triple Threat Elimination match
Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs CM Punk

What’s this? RAW starting off with an actual match? No fifteen minute in ring promo by HHH or John Cena? Has Vincent K. McMahon been reading my RAW reviews? Consider Vicky Guerrero to have my vote as permanent general manager of RAW.

A mid-match commercial break at 9:12! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? RAW routinely leads off with twenty minute in ring segments and this match is interrupted after just a few minutes in?

Enter Skipping AJ Lee which distracts Kane for just long enough, enabling Punk to hit the Go To Sleep. Bryan immediately follows up with a kick to the head on Punk. D Bry has pinned the WWE champion. 

Bryan vs Punk announced shortly thereafter for Money in the Bank. It’s shaping up to be a solid PPV. 

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. I LOVE elimination matches. That being said, having the eliminations occur within seconds of one another, completely defeats the purpose. Kane has been a great addition to this feud. All three wrestlers add something diverse in the ring and they play off one another brilliantly. They all have to be commended for their ability to adapt to completely different styles.

Ziggler and Del Rio backstage

Vicky announces a Dolph Ziggler vs Del Rio pole match later on or something like that. Interesting stuff with Ziggler throwing the flowers against the wall. Could be the start of a his face turn, which I think would be a BAD idea at the moment. Let him keep doing his thing.

Vickie Guerrero is Bringing Back Pole Matches?!? Or Is This Just Some Magic Mike Cross Promotion?

The Big Show vs Brodus Clay

When was the last time we were treated to TWO straight matches to start off RAW? Well this match was only three minutes long, but it still counts. Show gets the victory after Brodus Clay’s bad knee gave out and Show fell on him.

Let’s be serious, The Big Show should not have to target Brodus Clay’s “injured knee” in order to defeat him. 

Recap of Heyman/HHH

Give me recaps of Paul Heyman verbally running laps around HHH every week instead of pointless Sin Cara or Ryback matches. Brock Lesnar announced to appear next week on RAW.

Kane/AJ Lee backstage

Mr. Tito ‏@titowrestling

“Even I find you mentally unstable” -Kane to AJ, just moments ago on#WWE #RAW.

I say this in complete seriousness, AJ Lee is THE most compelling person on RAW right now. Wow.

United States title match
Jack Swagger vs Santino Marella

Pre-match Michael Cole informed us that Santino has not defended his US title on RAW since April. And people gave Cody Rhodes shit fRead more...