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Monday Night RAW review: One week til Summerslam

Location: Dallas, Texas
Preface: Last RAW before Summerslam

RAW kicked off with a match for a change.

CM Punk vs The Big Show

I guess I need to get over the disrespect the WWE shows their champions not named John Cena. The champion needs to be introduced LAST. We saw this again in the tag team match later on with Punk coming out before John Cena. They are too set in their ways at this point, their ideology isn’t likely to change. 

As for the match, it was good while it lasted. Well, good for Big Show standards. For some reason Daniel Bryan inserted himself into this match, attacking CM Punk with no provocation. I love Daniel Bryan and want him to be on television at all times, but doesn’t he have a match with Kane at Summerslam? Kane wasn’t even on RAW last night. 

After the match Daniel Bryan attacked CM Punk and put him in the “No lock.” Then our all American boy scout John Cena came down the ring to make the save. AJ Lee gave us her best Teddy Long impression and told us that later on we would be getting a tag team match playa.

Big Show is only one of 3 men to hold all active WWE Titles. He is also the only man to have personally closed 3 Waffle Houses#RAWTonight

JTG vs Ryback

For those of you that do not know, last week JTG took to Twitter to announce his displeasure with the WWE. He talked about talent not getting paid properly amongst other things. I’m not saying he didn’t have a point or he wasn’t right in what he said, but as an employee of a publicly traded company, you simply have to know better than to air your grievances on Twitter. Some of you may mention CM Punk’s “shoot”. Completely different situation. They gave him a microphone, let him air it all out, and as he will tell you, he didn’t say anything he hadn’t already said to Vince McMahon’s face. The JTG situation is different. I’m honestly surprised he wasn’t fired. He’s not really used on television and lets be honest, he’s not that great of an in ring talent anyway. Expect JTG to continue to receive “Miz” treatment…that is if he’s even on tv and not given his walking papers. If I was Vince McMahon, I would have JTG work every house show in a 2 on 1 handicap match against Hardcore Holly and Bradshaw. Dude should be grateful he even has a job. 

As for Ryback, his “Feed me more” catch phrase is pretty over with the crowd. Still some Goldberg chants, but not as loud as they’ve been. Total squash match.
Heath Slater vs R-Truth w/Lil Jimmy

Looks like they ran out of legends to beat up on Heath Slater pretty quickly. R-Truth won a very quick match. I guess Heath Slater will forever be known as “enhancement talent.” 

After the match, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil beat up on R-Truth. I’m pretty sure they said Kofi Kingston was on tour overseas. I really do not know if this is true or not, but I don’t care enough to look it up. Well at least the tag team championship match at Summerslam is receiving a modicum of build up. I’m looking at you: Kane/Bryan, Intercontinental and US title matches. 

Sin Cara vs Tensai

I’m done with Tensai. I gave him a fair chance, I really did. I wanted to like him. He’s clearly a much better wrestler now then when he was known as the guy with the piercings and hairy back….but he’s not over… in any capacity.

I think it’s fair to say that I have some dislike for the Prototype, John Cena. But even his staunchest detractors


Monday Night RAW Recap: Weak Build to a Strong PPV

Location: Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado
Announcers: Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole
Guest general manager: Anonymous RAW GM
This is the last RAW before the Money in the Bank pay-per-view on July 15th. Theoretically, this means the WWE should be actively trying to put on a good show. As you will see, nothing could be farther from the truth. 

AJ Lee/D-Bryan/CM Punk in ring segment
RAW started off the right way with AJ Lee bouncing down to the ring. Eventually CM Punk joins her, and AJ surprisingly proposes to him. Moments later, Daniel Bryan comes down and proposes to AJ. Somewhere in the world, Brie Bella is pissed. Segment ends with AJ telling us she is going to walk out of the arena tonight with her future husband. 
Spoiler Alert: At the end of the night, she walks out by herself. Not sure if the writers re-booked the show on the fly or what, but it doesn’t make any sense for AJ to make that declaration and then for the show to end the way it did. Sloppy booking. 
Abbey MacQueen ‏@AbigaelHay
Someone get AJ a skip-it. She’d easily break 100 #raw


Sheamus vs Jack Swagger
Sheamus did more damage to himself setting up his brogue kick than Swagger accomplished during this entire 30 second win. Anyone else immediately think of Marky Mark hitting himself in the movie “Fear” every time Sheamus pounds his chest in anticipation? Just me? Alright, moving on. 

 Ryan Shell ‏@DAsharpshooters

After a 20 second match. Michael Cole: “This is what #Raw is all about.” – Sad. #wwe
Tensai/Dolph Ziggler vs Tyson Kidd/Christian

The back fat slam

Another short match. Tensai with the pin over the current Intercontinental champion, Christian. He then proceeded to powerbomb Tyson Kidd onto the right apron after the match was over. Despite the domination, there is zero chance former Albert wins the ladder match on Sunday. 

Brodus Clay vs Drew McIntyre

The front fat slam

Drew McIntyre just hasn’t been the same since The United Kingdom disbanded. In all seriousness, how great was that stable in WWE 12 the video game? It was without a doubt Sheamus, McIntyre, Regal and Wade Barrett’s best work. It took longer for you to read those last three sentences than if you watched the Brodus Clay and Drew McIntyre match twice. Funkasauras squash in what seems to be a night of squashes. It’s like everyone is trying to Beat the Clock, except no stipulations were ever announced. 

John Cena/Kane vs Jerishow
Prior to the match Cena got on the stick and guaranteed a victory this Sunday at Money in the Bank. 

 darius lockhart ‏@DL_Hart

John Cena: “When I defy the odds and win the World Title for the 13th time….”

This was a pretty solid match up. But then again after our first 3 matches, anything was going to seem like Savage/Steamboat at WM 3. The whole time I watched this match, I was just dreading the four of them in the ring together this Sunday. Chris Jericho has a lot of work ahead of him in order to carry those three stiffs to a presentable ladder match. I am hoping that they prove me wrong, but it’s unlikely. 

Money in the Bank qualifying match: Sin Cara vs Heath Slater 

Cross Faced Chicken Wing

Obviously Sin Cara was going to win this one. Adding him to the Money in the Bank ladder match is a great idea. The man is a spot machine and he has absolutely no chance of winning the match. No chance…..that’s what he’s got.

After the match, Slater challenged any former WWE champion in the back to come out. Enter Bob Backlund. Crowd chants “you still g


TheRawLibrarian’s Monday Night Raw Review: All AJ, All the Time

Location: Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Announcers: Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler

RAW starts off with a beautiful soliloquy from AJ Lee. It was assumed that she was having a conversation with all three men in her twisted love quadrangle, but when the camera pulled back, it revealed she was just talking to a mirror. @BKMambino’s suggestion of a cardboard cut out of each would have been way funnier. Imagine AJ Lee having a conversation with a CM Punk Fathead

And in stark contrast to AJ Lee……”EXCUSE MEEEE!” Out comes Vicky Guerrero. The heat that woman gets is amazing, as the crowd booed her ENTIRE speech. She announces a triple threat match to start off the show. This is still RAW right? When I saw on Twitter that John Cena had a “major announcement” to make, I resigned myself to sitting through a fifteen minute goofy Cena promo (…which, no worries, we still got one later on). 

Triple Threat Elimination match
Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs CM Punk

What’s this? RAW starting off with an actual match? No fifteen minute in ring promo by HHH or John Cena? Has Vincent K. McMahon been reading my RAW reviews? Consider Vicky Guerrero to have my vote as permanent general manager of RAW.

A mid-match commercial break at 9:12! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? RAW routinely leads off with twenty minute in ring segments and this match is interrupted after just a few minutes in?

Enter Skipping AJ Lee which distracts Kane for just long enough, enabling Punk to hit the Go To Sleep. Bryan immediately follows up with a kick to the head on Punk. D Bry has pinned the WWE champion. 

Bryan vs Punk announced shortly thereafter for Money in the Bank. It’s shaping up to be a solid PPV. 

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. I LOVE elimination matches. That being said, having the eliminations occur within seconds of one another, completely defeats the purpose. Kane has been a great addition to this feud. All three wrestlers add something diverse in the ring and they play off one another brilliantly. They all have to be commended for their ability to adapt to completely different styles.

Ziggler and Del Rio backstage

Vicky announces a Dolph Ziggler vs Del Rio pole match later on or something like that. Interesting stuff with Ziggler throwing the flowers against the wall. Could be the start of a his face turn, which I think would be a BAD idea at the moment. Let him keep doing his thing.

Vickie Guerrero is Bringing Back Pole Matches?!? Or Is This Just Some Magic Mike Cross Promotion?

The Big Show vs Brodus Clay

When was the last time we were treated to TWO straight matches to start off RAW? Well this match was only three minutes long, but it still counts. Show gets the victory after Brodus Clay’s bad knee gave out and Show fell on him.

Let’s be serious, The Big Show should not have to target Brodus Clay’s “injured knee” in order to defeat him. 

Recap of Heyman/HHH

Give me recaps of Paul Heyman verbally running laps around HHH every week instead of pointless Sin Cara or Ryback matches. Brock Lesnar announced to appear next week on RAW.

Kane/AJ Lee backstage

Mr. Tito ‏@titowrestling

“Even I find you mentally unstable” -Kane to AJ, just moments ago on#WWE #RAW.

I say this in complete seriousness, AJ Lee is THE most compelling person on RAW right now. Wow.

United States title match
Jack Swagger vs Santino Marella

Pre-match Michael Cole informed us that Santino has not defended his US title on RAW since April. And people gave Cody Rhodes shit fRead more...