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We’re back with THE GREAT PODBINO, Episode #3!

Join El Miz, BockerKnocker and myself, along with the pro cutting of Producer Mags, as we navigate along the waters of the early season NBA. In Ep. 3, we’ll give our Fact or Fiction as to the best records in the league–Memphis, San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Miami–as well as some unexpected win-loss dockets.

And of course, some substantial Knicks and Lakers chatter.


THE GREAT PODBINO – Episode #2, Part 2: NBA Eastern Conference Preview

Not only that, but about 20 minutes of Knicks chatter from two NY faithful, El Miz and Bockerknocker. Truly a series of can’t-miss rants and hopelessly hopeful musings. Ah, Knicks fans. You endlessly fascinate me.

Also, the PODBINO is now downloadable, so if for some reason you have the strange desire to take our voices on the road with you, you’re free to do so!

Check it!


Also, peep Part 1 if you missed it!…

THE GREAT PODBINO – Episode #2, Part 1: NBA Eastern Conference Predictions

PODBINites – lend me your ears. Episode #2, coming at you. El Miz, KOBEshigawa and BockerKnocker pound out their first half of NBA predictions, starting with the bottom feeders of the Eastern Conference.

Please do check it out, if for nothing other than the ninety Knicks tangents that BockerKnocker and El Miz went on.

THE GREAT PODBINO, Episode #2, Part 1

(Update: and check out Part 2!)…

THE GREAT PODBINO – Episode #1, Part 1

We finally did it. Beholden to the clamoring of our dozens….AND DOZENS of fans, THE GREAT MAMBINO has finally crossed over into the great beyond known as podcasting. Our opinions have rumbled past the threshold of the pixelated page and now you’ll get to hear us on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. With a professional statement like that, how could you go wrong?
Recorded at the luxurious Avenue A Studios emanating from the slightly dingy East Village of the Island of Manhanttan, BockerKnocker, El Miz and KOBEsh sat down to discuss the NBA’s upcoming 2012-2013 season.  Engineered and mastered by Producer Mags, the PODBINO has been months and months in the making.

So please, sit back, relax and enjoy our inaugural podcast, THE GREAT PODBINO.

THE GREAT PODBINO – Episode #1, Part 1