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World Series Wrap-Up: A Giants Concession Speech from a Dodger Fan

This is a chat conversation that happened between KOBEsh and friend of the blog and detested San Francisco Giants fan Nick. The narrative is “hate” and the mood is sullen.

nick: where’s the MAMBINO WS recap?
me: ….I’m working on it It’s going to be a really respectful, hateful concession speech
nick: i’ll take it

Truth be told, I didn’t watch a minute of Game 4. The thought of the Gigantes winning the World Series whilst my beloved Dodgers sit at home made me nauseous. Physically, emotionally, metaphysically–you name it, I wanted to throw it up. In my mind, visions of the on the mound celebrations came and went, with Sergio Romo shouting to the sky like Thor…except I wish he actually got struck by lightning. The injured Brian Wilson and his cartoonish face parading around the dugout like a Disney sports movie gone awry. World Series MVP Pablo Sandoval chugging around the bases after another titanic hit, defying all regular season expectations and any reasonable cardiologist’s prognosis for life expectancy. Hunter Pence nervously ticking about the outfield waiting for the final out, not knowing if he was more worried about catching the ball or everyone realizing how incredibly overrated he was. All these nightmarish scenarios danced around in my head, and kept me watching weeks old episodes of Monday Night Raw rather than the deciding game of the World Series. Worse yet…it’s the second time in three years I made that decision.

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series last night, sweeping the Detroit Tigers and capturing their seventh title in the Motor City. It’s the doomsday October scenario of any tried and true Dodger fan, short of hearing over the P.A. system “and now entering the game for Los Angeles, Jonathan Broxton”. There is no team–not any team from Boston, MA, South Bend, IN or Philadelphia, PA–that I detest with such a fervor as the San Francisco Giants. Save for a Boston Celtics Finals win in LA, there is no sports situation more grave, more upsetting and more nausea-inducing than seeing the Orange Devils from the Bay emerge victorious. Nothing.

But the worst part? They deserved it. Vomit bag number 1, filled.

me: Dude – it just wasn’t even fair
I knew Detroit was toast from the minute they swept the Yankees
nick: it was almost a shock when they scored
they looked flat the whole series
me: I couldn’t believe it
nick: our shutdown pitching was just unstoppable

The Giants couldn’t be have been more dominant over the four-game sweep, holding the Tigers to six runs in four games, including 20 consecutive shutout innings. The story wasn’t just that the Giants destroyed Detroit’s offense; it’s the manner in which they did so. Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera, the Tigers’ two all-world sluggers, were very literally almost shut down, going a combined 4 for 27, with one extra base hit between them, a 3-run shot by Cabrera in the deciding Game 4. Delmon Young, the ALCS MVP, fared the best out of D-Town’s big hitters, going 5 for 14 and knocking in 1/6th of his team’s complete runs…with 1 RBI.

All in all, the Tigers combined for a team OPS of .489, which essentially means that manager Jim Leyland would have been better off if the team had 9 Endy Chavezes batting instead. The team was limited to a stunning five extra base hits and a .159 batting average, all historically feeble numbers. The Giants’ bullpen, led by a resurgent Tim Lincec… Read more...