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NCAA Tournament

Picking Your Brackets – GO For The Win

Last year come this time I had lots of advice to dish out. I essentially said, “hey man, do you dawg.”
There was lot of strategy for how to fill out your bracket and how to make your choices and ultimately, I probably got you really far in your pool and won you lots of money (right?)…
Either way, this year has been a crazy year in college basketball. There have been no outright champions, no dominate team to crush the rest of the competition in any conference. NBA scouts salivate at the overall level of talent for next year but there is no consensus pick leading a team towards tournament glory.
Which leads me to this years tournament post. I still am filling a bracket out just like the rest of you. In fact, I am in three separate pools and each one bring with it a different strategy. Hear me out while I explain the strategies behind each betting pool and maybe…just maybe follow along a little. Obviously as explained last year, at the end of the day, do you dawg? You are an expert simply because you think you are!… Read more...