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Mayweather vs. Cotto Preview

(It’s BockerKnocker coming to you live from the United Club at Newark Airport! Yeah that’s right. I’m sneaky bougie)

Floyd Mayweather really grinds my gears. But when I really think about it, maybe he was right when he told Larry Merchant that he “never gets a fair shake.”

Mayweather does a lot of things wrong. He willingly burns Ben Franklins in public, showing apathy for a denomination of currency at which even yours truly would never scoff. He displays ignorance by intentionally mispronouncing Manny Pacquiao’s name and throwing jabs at Filipino culture. And he has the sportsmanship of the kid in youth rec leagues who would spit in his hands before shaking yours in the post game lineup.

But amazingly, I can find some ways to relate to and appreciate the guy.

If you’ve caught any of Floyd’s appearances on HBO’s 24/7 series — either for tomorrow night’s Cotto fight or really, any of his past fights — you’ll quickly realize that he is a bona fide superstar. Two weeks ago, he literally questioned 24/7 producers why they would even film anybody else but him and his entourage, appropriately or inappropriately named “The Money Team.”

What turns people, including me oftentimes, off, is how he carries his celebrity. But how many of us would flaunt our stardom given the chance? I certainly would. Maybe not to Pretty Boy Floyd’s extent, but you better believe that I would make my entrances grand and my swag imposing. I probably do that already, much to my friends’ chagrin.

And I haven’t even spoken about the man’s talent in the ring. He has boxed for a couple of decades without a blemish on his record. He doesn’t just beat his opponents…he BEATS his opponents. He fights with a defensive style that no other man has been able to break, which allows him to counter the inevitable mistakes that his opponent will make.

Miguel Cotto is no different than those who have become a mere notch on PBF’s belt. He has two losses to date, one to Pacquiao and another to Antonio Margarito. And even though Mayweather doesn’t hold those against Cotto (According to Floyd, Cotto fought PacMan at a “catch” weight, which means that Cotto weighed in at a level that he was not used to fighting. Additionally, much of the boxing world absolves Cotto of his other loss, due to Margarito allegedly using illegal wraps.), Cotto is a bit overmatched. He is quick, but he’s not Floyd quick. Strong, but not Floyd strong. Athletic, but…you get the picture.

A Mayweather fight is always a good fight; the man likes to put on a show, regardless of how high the odds of winning are in his favor. The prediction? Floyd by TKO in the 9th.… Read more...