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Kendall Marshall

Kendall Marshall is not the point guard of the future, so what is he?

There’s not much about Kendall Marshall that suggests he’s a mere 22 years old. He’s recently completed his second season in the NBA on his third team. He’s already been traded and waived, a dubious distinction usually reserved for aging veterans and undrafted players, not a young man who was a bonafide lottery pick less than two years ago. The squad that cut him, the Washington Wizards, was willing to let Marshall go without even giving him a chance to make the opening night roster. From there, he spent months without an NBA contract, a stunning development for a player so highly touted coming out of the University of North Carolina.
The Los Angeles Lakers finally picked him up in early January, after injuries had taken down a myriad of guards including Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Jordan Farmar and Steve Blake. Once on the team, Marshall sported an “old man game”, relying much more on guile and precision than dynamic athleticism. For a guy who should have been a senior in college last year, Kendall’s all-around game resembled the 37 year-old Andre Miller, with his arsenal of long distance set shots and chest passes from the corner.
Marshall’s story and skill set doesn’t read like a player who has barely over 100 games of NBA experience. Oh, and the Baron Davis beard certainly doesn’t help matters either. But regardless of how old his face or game looks on a night to night basis, there’s no doubt that Marshall proved much more than the young NBA washout draft bust he was shortly before the calendar turned to 2014.
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