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The Evolution of Kendrick Lamar

(My cohort from Silver Screen & Roll–SS&R Editor-in-Chief Drew Garrison–put together something of a different flavor: a deep dive into the world of music. Certainly something different than we usually post at MAMBINO, but I threw in a Giannis Antetokounmpo reference just to keep us in the sports stream. Enjoy!)
KOBEsh: In late September, Kendrick Lamar suddenly released “i” into the digital ether, a mysterious new single off his mysterious new album with a mysterious release date. No one quite knew when the world would see the rest of the material from the highly anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed debut record but one thing was for sure—”i” let us know that at the very least, Kendrick wasn’t going to just put out Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, Part 2.
After months of speculation, one of music’s worst kept secrets is finally out: a couple of weeks ago, hip-hop’s hottest act Kendrick Lamar released his highly anticipated sophmore album To Pimp a Butterfly overnight. The clandestine album has almost become a prerequisite these days for artists of Lamar’s stature–after all, haven’t we gotten to the point where if Jay Z or Beyonce or Kanye West released an album with a four month run-up, wouldn’t that just feel out of the ordinary?
Let’s start off here: what were you expecting this album to be, even before you heard “i”? Did you have expectations? And then when you finally heard To Pimp a Butterfly, what was you instant reaction?
Drew Garrison: I didn’t have any expectations for Kendrick after really digging GKMC and swinging down to embrace Section.80. It definitely felt like Kendrick’s next album was going to be a significant release for music, and certainly feel like it’s an album of that magnitude. I think the instant thought once the final time yelled “PAC” cut out was just how dense the release is. This album isn’t a slice of cheesecake, it’s the whole thing. In one sitting. Game on. … Read more...