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20 Days of Thinking Blue: Early returns on the offseason’s best move

The countdown has begun, kids. Opening Night (well, American Opening Night) is fast approaching as the Dodgers take on the Padres down in San Diego on March 30th. Leading up until then, MAMBINO will tackle 20 of the most important–and some not so important–questions that will get you set up for a season of almost unparalleled expectations. Let’s get it going:
What’s an early season candidate for the front office’s best offseason move?
Right now, it’s got to be to fortifying the bullpen with former closers and power arms.
At the disappointing end to the 2013 season, LA’s ‘pen was extremely formidible. With all-world closer Kenley Jansen holding down the ninth inning, former All-Star Brian Wilson, J.P. Howell and Ronald Belasario helped to create a very good relief corps. The game was essentially just 7 innings long, with a future that was almost nearly as promising. Youngsters Paco Rodriguez (who admittedly struggled down the stretch) and Chris Withrow looked to be long-time future fixtures of the bullpen with breakout seasons in 2013. Combined with Jansen and young flamethrower Jose Dominguez, LA’s relievers looked very solid going into 2014.
But what GM Ned Colletti did was not take the future for granted, and instead bought his young arms more time to fail.… Read more...

Instant Trade Analysis: Brian Wilson to the Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers get: RP Brian Wilson (one year, $1 million)
Let’s get this right out of the way, Dodger fans. Blogger supreme Mike Petriello took all of the words right out of my fingers:

Now before we discuss the merits of any possible signing, we probably should discuss the elephant in the room: you hate him. Of course you do. He was a Giant, and not only was he a Giant, he was a huge part of their 2010 World Series title, even getting the final out. He’s a big weirdo with a giant, annoying, beard. He got into that thing with Casey Blake. He was in those tremendously irritating “Black Ops” Taco Bell ads. If Taco Bell was a place I would ever go to eat, ever, those ads would be enough to put a stop to that. I’M BLACK OPS.

If there’s such a thing as “good and evil” in the Dodgers / Giants rivalry these days, Wilson is probably the defining face of it. You can’t hate Buster Posey or Matt Cain, who are both outstanding players and reportedly solid people. You can’t hate Tim Lincecum, especially now that he’s a shell of himself, because he’s just too goofy. Hunter Pence? Maybe, but he’s been there for barely a year. Barry Zito? It’s too much fun to laugh at his contract. Pablo Sandoval? Sergio Romo? I guess? No, if there’s a recent villain of this rivalry, it’s Wilson.

But know this: you hate him because he’s not been on your team. If Wilson did all the same things but had been on the Dodgers, you’d treat him like a folk hero. If Yasiel Puig was wearing black & orange while tossing bats and sliding into the plate on home runs, you’d despise him. It’s the way the sports world works, and that’s okay. Let’s just not pretend it’s anything otherwise.

He’s exactly right. I’ve hated Brian Wilson with the most visceral of hatreds usually reserved for Los Angeles sports team killers like Mike Bibby, Barry Bonds, Paul Pierce and his wheelchair. I’ve hated how he dyes his beard, how he still has a stupid haircut despite being over 30 and how he never seems to blink. I’ve hated his attitude, his brashness and his arrogance, but I’ve mostly hated how it’s been…completely justified.… Read more...