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MAMBINO’s Wrestlemania 29 Preview, Part 1

credit: Bleacher Report

It’s time! It’s time! It’s Wrestlemania time!
Welcome to the two-part, all encompassing Wrestlemania preview. I am your host The RAW Librarian and I will be joined by KOBEshigawa in breaking down the twenty-ninth annual, Granddaddy of em all. We are going to run down the final card, giving our thoughts on the presumed winners and losers as well as providing some analysis on which direction Vinny Mac would be wisest to pursue. Tomorrow, we’ll get to the man events, but in today’s post, we’ll touch on the still very important undercard.… Read more...

WWE Royal Rumble 2013 MAMBINO Preview


We have officially entered Wrestlemania season, the best time to be a wrestling fan. From late January to early April, Vince McMahon develops a new found sense of urgency. Booking on the fly, feces jokes and blatant misogyny towards woman (otherwise known as a John Cena promo) are thrown out in favor of coherent story lines with a clearly identified goal.


This Sunday, the first step to Mania, the Royal Rumble, emanates live from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The Rumble is unique in the sense that it builds in allotted space for nostalgia. You never know who is going to come through the curtain after the clock counts down–think Mr. Perfect and Goldust in 2002. The Rumble has been used as a platform for superstars returning from injury like John Cena in 2008 and Edge in 2010, but more recently has been used as a catapult for new stars to make their mark, as Alberto del Rio and Sheamus won the last two matches. However, I still hold out hope for a Royal Rumble return from the one and only Peter Edward Rose. Without further delay, let’s break this down MAMBINO style.… Read more...

Monday Night RAW Recap: Big Show’s Time to Shine

Location: New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA
Announcers: Jerry “The King” Lawler, Michael Cole

9:05 and Raw finally started. How long are the video packages going to be when Raw becomes 3 hours?

Big Show promo

Ten minute promo with the Big Show saying that no one is in his league. Let’s just say that I don’t think anyone was surprised at the Big Show’s exclusion on the WWE’s Top 25 Masters of the Mic list. After lots of droning and whining, his only valid point was that immediately after his firing, Brodus Clay came down and started dancing like nothing had happened. Absolutely brutal opening to Raw, but it did help set the tone for Unstoppable Big Show.

Santino vs Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio defeated the United States champion in under 2 minutes. So a Smackdown wrestler wrestled the Raw United States champion in a non-title match and made him submit in under two minutes. Who in the back thought this was a good idea? The Intercontinental championship would never be treated with such disrespect……I hope.

WWE Creative@WWE_Creative
Nothing says “honoring America” like the US Champion from Italy facing a challenger from Mexico #RAWTonight

Backstage Big Show slams Alex Riley into the wall. Somewhere CM Punk is ambivalent.

Tag team championship match: R-Truth and Kofi Kingston(C) vs Swagger/Ziggler

It’s hard to rate matches that are 6 minutes long and interrupted by 4 minutes of commercials. Forgettable match. Champs retain. The only redeeming quality was Dolph Ziggler after the match. “I’m better than this! I’m Dolph Ziggler!” You are correct Mr. Ziggler. A man of your talents does not deserve to be stuck in an idling tag team with Jack Swagger.  It appears the Show Off will be taking his talents to the singles division. Give this man more tv time.

 A couple of random thoughts came to me during this one: 

  • I’m a traditionalist. I get incredibly annoyed whenever the champion(s) come out first. No matter the circumstance, the champions should ALWAYS be introduced last. 
  • During this match it was announced that Alex Riley was the number 1 trend on Twitter worldwide. 99% of the world has to be incredibly confused.

Backstage Big Show segment

Big Show teases a match with Santino tonight until a non dancing Funkasauras showed up. Big Show vs Brodus Clay announced for later tonight. Brodus’ undefeated streak may be in jeopardy. My favorite part of the segment was after the Big Show left, the funkettes came out from cowering behind Brodus Clay. Brodus Clay has enough mass that both Funkettes were able to hide behind him on camera and not be noticed.

John Laurinaitis/Eve/David Otunga in ring segment

I’m a big fan of John Laurinaitis re-introducing himself when he gets on the mic. The stoic look on his face while doing so is priceless. Big Show vs John Cena in a steel cage announced for the next ppv. Big Johnny reveals a faux WWE 13 cover. CM Punk comes down to the ring. On his way he puts his gum on Johnny Ace’s Rascal.

Michael Cole: “That’s going to ruin the $5000 suit he’s wearing.”

He’s not Gob Bluth. Come on! CM Punk reveals the real cover to WWE 13, complete with CM Punk straight edge crossed arms. It’s set to be released in October even though I feel like I just bought WWE 12. CM Punk calls Otunga “Carlton” and then asks everyone to get the hell out of the ring…..and they do.

Just a small aside. The Dominos pizza commercial plays during every commercial break and it cracks me up everytime. If you play their game Pizza Hero, you might win a chance to be hRead more...

WWE for a NBA Fan – Southwest Division (Part 4)

It has returned MAMBINO-maniacs – the WWE for an NBA series has invaded the Southwest division. As always, this post will give the best comparable for YOUR…favorite NBA team, with metrics based on the team’s style of play, personnel and of course, attitude and tenor of the fan base that makes their existence possible.

Memphis Grizzlies: Wade Barrett

In Memphis, the basketball team of choice is the University of Memphis Tigers. With over a dozen NCAA tournament berths and three Final Four appearances, the city will always have its heart with the Tigers, though any attention on the periphery may monetarily take away attention from the main attraction. This momentary distraction would be the trendy Finals pick Memphis Grizzlies.

I for one, see the Grizz as more than just a trendy pick – they are the real deal Holyfield. They are young, hungry, and have the look of a champion. There is no reason they cannot be the best in the world, other than any internal problem holding them back. I could have cut and pasted those last few sentences to sum up how I have felt for the past 3 years about Wade Barrett.

Barrett is the Memphis Grizzlies of the WWE. There is nothing about him, on paper, to suggest that he is anything but a title contender. He is one of the very best talkers in the company, who can ably hold a conversation or throw down a scathing promo in front of the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching at home. In the ring, his skills are somewhat raw, but ultimately can wrestle just enough for me take him seriously as a major player. His move set augments the most impressive facets of his body and size – his massive wingspan and impressive shoulder width. The only thing holding back Wade Barrett from being world champion (aside from backstage politics), is time and other top contenders in the WWE.

For all of Barrett’s skill, size and personality, there are a ton of already established, homegrown big men that Vince McMahon knows he can rely on. With the Big Show, Mark Henry, Kane and Sheamus on the roster, Vince already has his Memphis Tigers. Barrett, while up and coming, is simply an on-paper player, and more importantly a substantial risk, especially when compared with the already proven big men of the WWE.

Grizz fans will understand the position that Wade Barrett is in. They will root for him like their own. Because that is what he is. A big British dude that a bunch of Tennesseans can connect with.

Dallas Mavericks: Jack Swagger

Shawn Marion said a few weeks ago that the Dallas Mavericks don’t seem to be getting enough respect from the NBA public as the reigning champions. Well Shawn, maybe if you had won opening week and hadn’t gotten blown out at home in your first two games, then you’d get a little more of that respect you think you deserve.

But this isn’t a post to deride the 2011 World Champion NBA Mavericks or it’s fan base. This is a post to celebrate the best qualities of everything that embodies Dallas’ titlists and best identify those with a WWE Superstar. That man would be Jack Swagger.

First and foremost, just look at the guy. If he doesn’t just scream North Texas and Midwest America, I don’t know what does. Swagger goes a legit 6’5″, 260 lbs, with an athletic background in collegiate amateur wrestling and football. He attended the University of Oklahoma (which might not jibe with everyone in Dallas, though the city does have it’s fair share of OU alums), where he set a NCAA record for pins in a single season as a senior. He rightfull… Read more...