With Gasol for Bynum on the table, should the Lakers pull the trigger?

Some would say that this Lakers season couldn’t look much worse. With injury piling on top of injury including several to a living franchise legend and the team slowly slipping into standings oblivion, this 82 game slate is looking desolate. Despite a future that gets better and better with each loss, I couldn’t imagine this year getting much worse.
But it could. What if you had to root for Andrew Bynum again?
According to Ramona Shelburne and Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com, this nightmarish possibility has progressed beyond mere speculation. Bynum has been on the block for a week, having been suspended by Cleveland for what essentially amounts to bad behavior and a crappy attitude. This should come to no surprise to Lakers fans everywhere, as Drew spent the majority of his career in LA being, for lack of a most fitting term, a dumbass.
The Cavaliers are “aggressively” shopping him, with the main draw of his acquisition being his only partially guaranteed deal that would essentially serve as a way for any team to wipe millions off their salary cap figure. Bynum has been only somewhat effective on the court this year, vacillating wildly in his performance from game to game. Any organization that would be trading for him would most likely value any financial contribution he’d make over anything he could do on the floor.
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