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Bronx Tales: Who’s Behind the Dish for NYY?

KOBEsh: This week’s question is relatively simple; with the offseason departure of Russell Martin (yet another casualty of the Steinbrenner’s crusade to get under the luxury tax threshold), who’s going to be the Yanks’ starting catcher? And how early will the team really miss Martin’s power, play calling and leadership?
Vin:  To tackle the first part of this question, I would say there is a 50% chance Chris Stewart starts the year as the main catcher, a 40% chance Cervelli does, a 5% chance Austin Romine does and a 5% chance someone else does. While the Yankees letting Russell Martin skip town was all about money, the move does reveal something about their baseball thinking: they are willing to entertain the possibility of starting an all defense, zero offense catcher and concentrating resources elsewhere. … Read more...