Role Call

KOBEshigawa: Los Angeles born and bred KOBEsh is the co-founder and writer on THE GREAT MAMBINO. After seeing hundreds of sports-related e-mails fly by his desktop, he figured that perhaps the musings of several know-it-alls might as well be thrown on a blog than go listlessly into the inbox. Thus, MAMBINO was born. KOBEsh covers the NBA, MLB, WWE (yep) and NFL on occassion. He is a pathetic Lakers apologist and hopes to see a Dodgers pennant before he dies.

BockerKnocker: Hailing from the great state of New Jersey, BockerKnocker, Esq., is the co-founder of THE GREAT MAMBINO and has stated on many occasions that he’d trade in all 27 Yankees titles for just 1 Knicks trophy in his lifetime. BockerKnocker and KOBEsh met at Boston College, and to this day regret rooting for the Danny Granger of collegiate athletics; pretty good, but not quite elite. He’ll be covering the Knicks, Yankees, NBA and MLB.

Pucklius: Even though we seem to forget that the NHL exists until April, Pucklius reminds us it’s here every so often with his dominating posts. Luckily, he is a die-hard New York Giants fan, which balances out the fact that he also roots for the Mets and Northwestern University sports. You can also find him on his own blog: .

Que-Ese: Political reporter by day and blogger by night, Que-Ese is one of the great young minds on THE GREAT MAMBINO. A die-hard UCLA Bruin by the accident of birth, Que-Ese reports on college football and basketball, as well as the NHL, NBA and MLB. Also, he’d like everyone to know that he’d sooner get New York Liberty season tickets and attend every single game than watch an hour of Monday Night Raw.

The CDP: If you cut The CDP open, he wouldn’t just bleed purple and gold; a fully formed miniature version of Pau Gasol would coagulate from his DNA, like seeing Mary Magdalene on a piece of toast. He will be filling in on the regular with his analysis of Lakers basketball, UCLA men’s bball and the NBA in general. You can also find him on his own blog:

El Miz: New York born and bred, El Miz, Esq., comes from the proginator of THE GREAT MAMBINO, a little blog known as NY Is Mecca. His allegiances lie with the Yankees and Knicks, though he rightfully questions his undying committment to the latter. Miz will be contributing in all matters regarding MLB, NBA, NFL and if in a dry spell, some old-school WWF.

The King: This magnificent specimen only known to the masses as The King is our part-time correspondent on MLB, NBA and NFL. Growing up in the urban jungles of the Pembronx, New Hampshire, The King only got television reception of a handful of channels as a young child, including FOX and TBS. Thus was born the strange hybrid Celtics/Cowboys/Braves fan you see before you. He’ll be chiming in from time to time on the inevitably dissapointing seasons emanating from Atlanta and Dallas.

The Raw Librarian: Somehow, someway, The Raw Librarian has gone on to be the most popular Twitter handle of all the MAMBINO crew. With over 1,000 followers, TRL is easily the most digitally popular writer on our fine, fine, fine….fine roster. His deep, almost irrational love for the WWE, ECW and all of pro wrestling took root in the early 90s and has sprouted into a fully formed man who would spend $100 on a tailored Shane Douglas shirt. And yes…he’s an actual librarian.

Mr. Marquez: A resident of Boston, Massachusetts, Mr. Marquez runs the dubious distinction of being the least obnoxious New England sports fan MAMBINO has ever seen. It’s a short list. Mr. Marquez will be contributing on all matters NFL, MLB and NBA, a rare trifecta for these parts.

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