Lima Lumps: Is for Dodger fans to PANIC?

Lima Lumps this week is all about one question: is it time to panic!?!?
The Dodgers went into their weekend in San Francisco hoping to find some sort of momentum. They left without their starting shortstop, without any real confidence in their bullpen, and without a victory.
Is this grand experiment of shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars for marquee names worthwhile? So is it time to panic in LA?
The simple answer is no. It is too early to freak out. We are not even a quarter into a season with 162 games and the marginally talented NL West to compete with. The Dodgers will hopefully recover from injury, find their stride in the bullpen, and figure out how to score a runner in scoring position (.216–fact).
However, this is Lima Lumps. This space is meant to emphasize what shitty things the Dodgers have done this week. So without further delay, here are the reasons why we all should START PANICKING AAAAHHHH!!!!!!:

2: The amount of times Hanley Ramirez has gone on the disabled list this season. The key to this season beyond a deep pitching rotation was having the 1-2-punch of Crawford and Ramirez. Crawford has far exceeded the low expectations set for him this season. Ramirez hasn’t been able to stay healthy, and with him out of the lineup, the Dodgers are essentially offense-less after their 5th hitter. With him in the lineup we can at least trot 6 decent hitters out there.

3 : The amount of one-run losses the Dodgers incurred in San Francisco. Donny B has recently cited these close losses as proof that the team is improving and playing with more intensity. As a fan watching the series, I can tell you nothing is more infuriating than watching NorCal folks celebrate a 1-run walkoff victory. Assholes.

LEGS: What the hell is happening to Dodger legs? Injuries to leg muscles are not uncommon during the heat of the baseball season. Humid road games in places like D.C., Atlanta, or Florida drain the body and muscles strain under the stress of the long season. But it’s not August. It is barely May. The weather cannot be the cause for Mark Ellis, Chris Capuano, or Hanley Ramirez to all suffer strains, pulls, and tears in their leg muscles. I would like to blame it all on sheer bad luck but I cannot help but start pointing at our training staff. Are we not stretched? Were we not in shape leaving spring training? What is going on with these legs?

4: The amount of teams ahead of us in the NL West. At 13-18 the Dodgers are now in the cellar of the divisoin. Of the 8 starting pitchers we began the season with, we now have 3 healthy arms (Kershaw/Jesus, a winless Josh Beckett, and Hyun-Jin Ryu) with Capuano just back from the DL (getting lit up in his return start), Billingsley out for the year, Lilly on the DL, Harang with the Mariners, and Greinke nursing a busted collarbone.

Now that you are thoroughly depressed with the Dodgers and their chances for the season, let’s take a moment to appreciate how badass that scrappy little hockey team from down the street are in the playoffs. The Kings fell down 2-0 last night at the Staples Center only to battle back with an impressive 4-3 victory. The win ties the series at 2-2 as the teams head back to St. Louis for game 5.

Sure, we could panic about the Dodgers but instead let’s just say GO KINGS GO and refocus on this listless season when everyone gets back from the DL.

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