Lima Lumps: A solid start for the LA Dodgers

(Each and every week, we’ll be running two posts: Dodger Digs and Lima Lumps. Aside from out obvious obsession with alliteration, we’ll look at the most good and bad of our beloved Los Angeles Dodgers. Here is Que-Ese’s maiden voyage into the world of the Lumps. Enjoy.)
While my esteemed friend and Washington DC-phobic colleague KOBEsh uses this space each week for his insightful and well thought out Dodger Digs, I plan on keeping things punchy and exciting (and mostly based on what I’m seeing with my eyes).
Jose Lima, the man who was once sued for spreading a particularly lumpy disease around Houston, was a starting pitcher who carried the Dodgers to a 2004 playoff victory, remarkably their first since the 1988 Kirk Gibson-led World Series team. I am naming this assortment of weekly thoughts in his honor. Though all Dodgers fans at heart hope for a return to World Series glory, we all know at some point no matter how well we are doing, the wheels will probably fall off. It is with that woeful optimism that I present Lima Lumps.

  • The Pirates are bad. It’s always easy to look good after 3 games vs. Pittsburgh. Sure, our bullpen has given up zero earned runs. But remember, we were pitching to guys like Gaby Sanchez and Neil Walker
  • Vin Scully can still come up with completely unrelated stories and weave them into the storyline of the game.
  • The entire league hates the Dodgers now. 8 starting pitchers to start the season. What were we able to get for one very decent righty in Aaron Harang? A 36 year old catcher in Ramon Hernandez who hit .216 last season for the Rockies. We actually paid the majority of Harang’s contract and swallowed Hernandez’ $3.2 million contract. Harang was designated for assignment immediately and the Rockies are trying to move him elsewhere in the league. I’m not saying this trade doesn’t help the Dodgers. We let super prospect Tim Federowicz (Editor’s note: Easy on the use of the word “super prospect”. The guy’s bat is more impotent than a retirement home’s) season down on the farm every day and we only wound up spending almost $10 million (as KOBEsh explained, money aint a thing anyway). My larger point is that we need prospects to rebuild the farm system and what did we get for a quality starting pitcher? A washed up backup catcher. Not really an inspiring move from Coletti and my guess is that there are no GM’s out there trying to help out the new kid on the block with the Billion dollar toy.
  • We still have at least one pitcher to move. If the trend of not getting much in return for an established arm continues, my theory will be confirmed. Baseball hates the Dodgers.
  • Our shortstops are awful. There is no way to sugarcoat this. Justin Sellers is not an everyday solution at short and expecting Luis Cruz to hit like he did last year is unrealistic. We need Hanley back before we start playing Non-Pirates squads.
  • Something isn’t right with Matt Kemp. You can’t tell me he is at 100% at the plate. I know what  his beautiful swing looks like when it is firing on all cylinders and right now that is not what we are watching.

First Lumps in the bag. Dodgers sit at 5-3 and we’re less than 145 days until Yasiel Puig’s September callup and the subsequent Andre Ethier trade.

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