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Masahiro Tanaka

Trade Analysis: Masahiro Tanaka to the New York Yankees

New York Yankees get: SP Masahiro Tanaka on a seven year, $155 million dollar deal
The long Masahiro Tanaka courtship ended today, with the Bronx Bombers coming away with his services. New York pried him away from his Japan League club with, what else? The biggest free agent contract ever given to a right-handed pitcher (also the allure of the New York Yankees most likely had something to do with it). The Bombers were just one of the big market teams vying for this unproven hurlers services, with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox also submitting bids, along with smaller market teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks and Houston Rockets getting in the scrum.
At the end of the entire process, the money and years seemed too enticing for Tanaka and his group to turn down, especially given that he can opt-out of his contract after the fourth year, making him a free agent yet again at the prime age of 29. Still, this is a massive pact for ANY player, let alone one that has never thrown a regular season pitch in MLB. I sent out an e-mail to fellow MAMBINO founder BockerKnocker to get his take on the signing.
BockerKnocker: Overall, I’m pretty happy with the deal.
From a business standpoint, it obviously would have been nicer to get under $189 million (the luxury tax threshold), especially since we don’t have to pay A-Fraud’s cap number now. But as a fan, I like that we offered Tanaka the most money, since most of our grumblings in the recent past had to do with killing the competitiveness of the team just to save on taxes. This shows that it’s not just about the taxes. We are at least under the presumption that spending will be smart but not cheap. (Key word is presumption, since Ellsbury and Beltran were clearly overpayments). Is he worth more than 22 milly a year? Probably not, even if he’s considered a top-of-the-line guy. But our pitching needed this boost, and we weren’t going to find a Kershaw anywhere else in the near future.… Read more...