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(Not So) Instant Trade Analysis: Brandon Jennings to the Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons get: PG Brandon Jennings (three years, $24 million)
Milwaukee Bucks get: PG Brandon Knight, F Khris Middleton, C Viecheslav Kravtov
(Writing about basketball in damn near August is always hard. But writing about two teams from the Midwest that haven’t played since mid-April? Buzz’s girlfriend, woof. So to help, we contacted friend of the blog and proud Detroit Pistons fan, The Source, to help us decode a really interesting deal with no clear winner. At least in our eyes here at MAMBINO. Below is his thoughts, along with mine)
The Source: My basic thoughts? Brandon Pettigrew is committed to fitness now, and is working hard to cleanup his drops and fumbles from last year. A productive TE, plus Reggie Bush, and maybe a decent to below-average #2 WR is all we need to get Calvin some space.

Veras adds depth to a bullpen that really needed it. If Benoit keeps the closer role, which he seems to have embraced, then the Tigers will have two reliable, late-inning relievers in Smyly and Veras. Phil Coke just can’t cut it. And Iglesias gives us more range at SS (our starters will be happy), some above average speed (of which, we had almost none), and Peralta will be juicing at home soon rather than in the clubhouse so we needed a steady infielder for the next 50 games.
In the same week the city of Detroit announced its bankruptcy, a state board approved plans for a new hockey arena, which will cost tax payers almost $300 million. OK, Detroit.
Oh and the Pistons…..
Adding Jennings to Smith and Monroe, the Pistons now have 3 starting lefties so opposing lineups will have to….
We needed a PG. Calderon is gone, Stuckey is bad, and Knight is gone and bad. Billups isn’t there to play a ton of minutes. When you look up Brandon Jennings on ESPN, one of the first things you see is “#3 PG.” That’s a win right there. By the numbers, Jennings is a better scorer and passer, and he averages almost a steal per game more than Knight. The shooting percentages are similar but Jennings has the edge from the line and he’s got this cool tattoo that looks like a necklace.… Read more...

Will the Jennings and Ellis Backcourt Work? – Milwaukee Bucks Preview

Starting Five: PG Brandon Jennings, G Monta Ellis, SF Ersan Ilyasova, PF Drew Gooden, C Samuel Dalembert

Key Bench Players: G Beno Udrih, SF Mike Dunleavey, SF Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, PF/C Ekpe Udoh, F John Henson (14th overall pick)

Notable offseason additions: C Samuel Dalembert, PF John Henson

Offseason subtractions: F Jon Leuer, F John Brockman
In a lot of ways, the Milwaukee Bucks remind me of the New York Knicks. Both teams have so much talent and yet, I’m not sure if any of their pieces actually compliment each other.They’re both squads with a bunch of athletic scorers and rebounders, but I don’t know who’s going to pass these guys the ball or if any of them know how to defend without fouling. The comparisons stop there though: the Knicks might be a bunch of brash assholes with the ugliest tattooed starting five in the game that even the Bucks can’t compete with, but even their mismatched parts aren’t enough to keep their explosive talent out of the playoffs. The Bucks don’t have that luxury. And they’re in Wisconsin in the dead of winter. Buzz’s girlfriend, woof.

Ironically Milwaukee, pronounced Mily-walk-kay, is known in Algonquin as “The Good Land”. However, this land has been anything but good to the Bucks. They’ve made the playoffs a scant four times in the past decade, winning only seven postseason games and zero series. These playoff berths have actually been deceiving in regards to how much success they’ve had, as the Bucks have only finished over .500 twice in this stretch. Even in losing, the Bucks can’t do it right; they’ve only had a top 5 draft choice once, which they used on Andrew Bogut ahead of Chris Paul and Deron Williams. Milwaukee has been snake bitten in almost every regard, but mostly in that they’ve never been consistently bad enough to warrant wholesale changes or good enough to spend more money. They’ve just been fine.

Unfortunately for the Bucks, the 2012-2013 edition of their team isn’t going to change those fortunes. As I mentioned, this Bucks squad is full of mismatched parts that don’t necessarily complement each other. Starting with the most glaring potential problem is the backcourt tandem of Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis. On paper and in the box score, they look like extremely similar players:

2011-2012 Season
Jennings: 6’1″, 169 lbs, 20.4 ppg, 3.4 rpg, 6 apg, 3.1 turnovers pg, 19 FGA pg, 3.4 FTA pg,  43% shooting, 30% 3P, 81% FT

Ellis:  6’3″, 175 lbs, 19.1 ppg, 3.4 rpg, 5.5 apg, 2.2 turnovers pg, 17 FGA pg, 4.7 FTA pg, 42% shooting, 33% 3P, 81% FT

Essential…